Thursday, 16 October 2008

Setup Industry Groups for Contacts in Navision

Navision allow you to group contacts by Industry. You can do so by assigning Industry Group to the contact. Before you can assign Industry Group to the contact, you must first setup the Industry Groups. You can set up the Industry Group at Sales & Marketing --> Setup --> Company --> Industry Groups:
1) Press F3 to creae a new record.
2) Enter Code and Description for the Industry Group. For example, Retail, Manufacturing, IT, Telecomuncation, etc. The No. of Contacts field shows number of contacts under this Industry Group. It's a flowfield, so, you don't need to key in anything.

To assign Industry Group to a contact:
1) Open Contact card and browse to the contact that you want to assign Industry Group.
2) Click on Contacts --> Company --> Industry Group
3) Select the Industry Groups to assign to the contact. You can assign more than one Industry Group to a contact.

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