Thursday, 16 October 2008

Setup Mailing Group for Contacts in Navision

Mailing groups allow you to send email to groups of contacts that may be interested on the same information, such as promotion price. Huh, it sounds like a marketing tool rather than an ERP. Can Navision really do this ? Yes. Navision can do this. You can set up the mailing group at:Sales & Marketing --> Marketing --> Setup --> Mailing Groups

1) Press F3 to create a new record.
2) Enter Code and Description for the mailing group. In this example, I created X-PROMO. The No. of Contacts field shows number of contacts under this mailing group. It's a flowfield, so, you don't need to key in anything.

To assign mailing group to a contact:
1) Open Contact card and browse to the contact that you want to assign Mailing Group.
2) Click on Contacts --> Mailing Group

3) Select the Mailing Groups to assign to the contact. You can assign more than one mailing groups to a contact.


Unknown said...

How do I send an email to all contacts in a specific group?

Admin said...

At the Segments card, change the Correspondence Type in the Interaction tab to Email. Click on Function --> Apply Mailing Group to apply the specific mailing group.