Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Check G/L Account Usage

I created a new G/L Account:
No.: 2122
Name : Finished Goods - MISC

Then, I setup this new G/L Account as Inventory Account for Inventory Posting Group = FG - MISC in Inventory Posting Setup screen.

After I setup this, my user decided not to use G/L Account delete it from the Chart Of Account.

Because this is a finance new G/L Account and there is no transaction yet, NAV allows my user to delete this G/L Account.

Then, what will happens to my Inventory Posting Setup? Will the G/L Account 2122 automatically be removed from my Inventory Posting Setup? The answer is NO. The number 2122 will remains in Inventory Posting Setup although the G/L Account 2122 no longer available in my Chat Of Account. System will hit error when user try to post transaction that has been tagged to Inventory Posting Group = FG - MISC.

To prevent this from happening, I can enable the "Check G/L Account Usage" option at the General Ledger Setup. When this option is enabled, NAV will not allow users to delete the G/L Account once it is used in any Setup Windows. Thus, my finance user will not be able to delete this G/L Account before I remove G/L Account 2122 from Inventory Posting Setup.

This option is disabled by default. I think we should enable this option to prevent deletion of G/L Accounts that have been used in Setup windows.

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