Monday, 23 December 2013

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Financial Management by Packt Publishing

This is my 3rd NAV book from Packt Publishing. Packed with only 112 pages of contents, this book gives a very good overview of what's available in NAV Financial Management Module. The coverage is broad but not depth in details. It touches all important functionalities that Finance users need to know with "just enough" information to understand and get started.

I would recommend this book to Finance users who are currently working on NAV. During project implentation, NAV Consultant may have skipped some functionalities which are not required at that time. This book will tell you the leftover. This book can also be used as a reference as and when needed.

This book is also useful for NAV consultant who are not specialized in Financial Management. Technical Consultant and Functional Consultant who specialized in modules other than Financial Management can use this book to get an overview what's in NAV Financial Management. It's always useful for all NAV Consultants to know Financial Management because it is the core module of ERP.

This book is also useful for NAV Finance Consultant who just get started on NAV. Experienced NAV Finance Consultant won't get much from this book.


Anonymous said...

I purchased this book. Its very useful for me. please update more blogs here regarding depth functionality of NAV. Specially accounting side of NAV (including double entries). we touch with your blog. :)

Anonymous said...

I purchased this book & its really valuable for us. Please update more posts in this blog. Specially accounting area. we touch with this blog site.